Brochure (PDF)
Crossmetal Modular Flooring has been created for being installed in an open space and it does not necessarily have to be contained by external walls.
In fact it consists of a supporting structure in aluminium assembled by a joint and resting on small adjustable feet with panels of flooring simply placed on the top.
These features offer:
Easy and rapid assembly, because the sustaining structure is very light and the flooring level can be adjusted by means of a simple wrench, even the ground surfaces have already been placed in position.
Minimum encumbrance, because the structure can be completely dismantled therefore greatly reducing storage space.
Flexibility of use, because the ground surfaces can be removed with a simple suction cup when maintenance has to be carried out on the electrical or hydraulic system; the ground surfaces can then be replaced even though the stand has been mounted.
Colour Option, because the two sides of the ground surfaces only resting on the supporting structure the two sides can be done in different colours so that the ground surfaces can be turned over at any time.
Durability, because the supporting structure is in aluminium.
High Loading capacity, as illustrated by technical calculations at the bottom of the prospectus.
Reaction to fire Class 1, maximum safety offered.